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Wilde One Pinot Noir

275 DKK
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Vinens svar på en orkidé - vild, blid, smuk og sjælden. 

Ren Pinot Noir uden fad.


Lance’s favourite tank from Cirrus in 2022. 100% 777 clone Pinot Noir, delicate colour, saline acidity and fine bones. Limited availability of this wine. This is a commemorative wine in honour of Ted Wilde, the proprietor of Cirrus who sadly passed away last winter.

This is a wine of realisation and meaning, it also proudly celebrates the memory of a Man whose later life is entwined in the husbandry of the very vines from which this wine hails. Within the greater vineyard of 7 ha of Pinot Noir was a seam of fruit that to me spoke of salinity woven into the fresh acidity of the fruit. This single parcel was picked early and fermented separately in the hope of capturing this voice.

The ferment was simple and focused on clarity, no whole bunch, quick clean ferment, aged in stainless steel tank, partial coarse filtration and a light sulphur add just prior to bottling.

The latter two steps aimed at providing luminosity and guiding this wine on a happy journey for the next decade at least. Look for bright red fruits, salt and energy.

Reflect on the natural umami my wild fermented wines tend to offer and expect that to grow with age.